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Fixie Bike Bow Tie

Fixie Bike Bow Tie

The only thing that could make us happier than a bicycle bow tie, is a bird bow tie. Which reminds us, we need to make some of those for our happy customers in Portlandia who wont stop asking us to put a bird on it. 

Switch gears and tie this knot up for work to help you get through the final stages of a week long crit at the office.

DON'T derail your outfit by getting too many patterns or colors in the way. A safe bet is to pair this light blue tie with a white shirt.

Where to wear:
The Velodrome, a time trial, the TD Mayor’s Cup, and your neighborhood bike shop.

The 6-day warriors, Mile-A-Minute Murphy, Lance, and Bradley Wiggens.

100% Silk. Standard 2.5 inch bow with adjustable neck sizing from size 14 to 20. Very limited edition.
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